Video Killed The Radio Star (tips for your music video)

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They say failing to prepare is preparing to fail so when you book your shoot with Innocent Gun we get cracking straight away! Now, we like to do all the hard work so when you arrive at the studio you just set up and start jamming. However, there are a few little things you and your band can do to make it the best and bespoke shoot it can be!

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If you’re a group make sure you’ve a theme set for your band’s uniform. It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy but it helps if everyone’s on the same page. Obviously you can take the concept from the type of act you are like Jazzy, Rock , 80’s, etc. Straighten ties, tie up jackets, flatten creases and apply the lip gloss (that one might be just for the girls). This portrays a more professional and together appearance for the band…making your potential client’s decision a lot easier.


Have your songs prepared, practiced and ready to go! We know this can be easier said than done, especially with a lot of people to organise and all coming from different places but the more you have rehearsed the better it will look on camera. It’s an obvious statement but you’d be surprised about the time that can be wasted retaking shots over and over due to lack of preparation. People start to get tired and frustrated which is never a god look for your video!

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We know most of you don’t spend time prancing around in front of the camera on a day to day basis so being natural can be difficult. You’re best bet is to act like you’re not there. Yes you read that right, act like you’re not there but the camera is, pretend to be someone else and get grooving. Whether it’s Beyonce, JT or crazy old lady from next door just get yourself into character and engage with the camera!

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Being unique is the one big thing we like to encourage here at Innoncent Gun. This encompasses choice and arrangement of songs,image, style, and performance…basically your act needs to bring out that X-factor and really sell it to your target audience.

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Hope these tips for your music video will help you prep for your upcoming shoot so if Video Killed the Radio Star then at least you’re ready for it! We look forward to seeing you guys shake it up in the studios real soon X



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