Poker Face: Why band photography is good for you!

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You may have gathered by now that we here at Innocent Gun love to encourage acts to be unique and creative. We know you guys have talent and want you to show it off at every chance to grab those potential clients and get them dancing!

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These clients have a lot of choice when looking for the right Music for their event, especially online where images will hit them first before music or words will. They like to know who they’ll be booking, who they’ll be dealing with and who they can contact for more information. Having group shots and head-shots provides your client with more information, already putting trust in the b(r)and. This goes for your potential agencies too; they have so many artists looking to connect and get ‘signed’ so your profile will have to stand out from the crowd to be remembered.


There’s no point in you going to all the hassle of getting yourself all dressed up, recording your Live Demo, shooting your Music Video then not bothering with proper promo band photographs. Innocent Gun like to provide all these services to create an overall polished and professional look for your act and website.


Being in front of the camera is not always the easiest thing but with some helpful guidance and a few little tips n’tricks we do our best to put you at ease and get the best out of you. These images should represent you and your music, naturally it all depends on your personality but they can be serious, relaxed or playful…so just go with it!

IG A 4

Promo band photography captures and projects your style before your client even hears you play, so whether it’s group shots, head-shots or both your act will always benefit greatly form these images.

Tunnel Portrait14 EDIT2

So come on get your game face on and start throwing some shapes with us!

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